Why are we always searching for meaning?

Sometimes I wonder what it is that i am actually trying to do here. I mean, with everything. I wonder what the point of activity, in its general sense, is actually going to accomplish. Most often, this voice is silent and is kept that way because of the mommoth work load that our lives impose upon us. But sometimes, when I get really quiet and start to turn my attenton inward, I hear this little voice that whispers, "What's the point?"Maybe you have heard it too?

Even though this question can be somewhat disturbing when we first start to hear it, I think it is actually a very important thing to ask ourselves. What is the point of this endless procession of movement? Why do we do all the things that we convince oursleves are so important in life? Is there any real meaning to our existence or are we just going through the motions?

The reason why I think these questions are so important is because of the effect they have on our relationship with life. Life, as I see it, is a creative process that has no more or less meaning to it than what we are willing to assign it. To say that something has meaning is to say that we, as a partner involved in a relationship with the object or situation we are observing, have seen the inherent beauty that lies within and simply decided to acknowledge it. I think it would be more accurate to call this a moment of recognition or rememberance than anything else. Meaning is no more than a label that we humans like to stick on the things that stand out to us in a given moment.

So what does this mean (here we go again)? For me, it means that what I am doing is actually alot less important than the place it is being done from. I find that as long as I act with a sense of intention and am fully engaging in the task at hand, I am better preparing myself to recognize that innate beauty. As long as I can tap back into that place of awareness and remember that what I am doing has worth and value-if only because of my willingness to acknowledge it-I can usually nudge myself into action.

This might not seem all that significant at first but for the times when you feel completely uninspired or energetically drained, this can have some incredible value. If in the doing, inspiration can be found, then action itself becomes meaningful. By bringing our actions into focus and forcing ourselves to remember whats inside, we are going beyond labels and directly experiencing the relationship...The results become a whole lot less important from here on out.

If we can get to this point in our relationship with life, then that question of "What's the point"turns into more of an affirmation than a reason to despair. To question the creative process that we call life, is to actively engage our own creativity and to remember its beauty.

#meaning #creativity #existential #questioning #wonder #inquire

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