The Wisdom We Can't Possess. (a poem)

This poem is more of an expression of creativity than a rant about its necessity (which is usually what I do here). At the end of the day, I guess this is really what Creative Awakening Now is all about. Its about taking action and expressing what needs to be expressed for the sake of understanding and awakening. I usually like to use this platform as a launchpad for motivation and inspiration but sometimes its best to put your money where your mouth is...This poem is a summation of my frustration. It is a snap shot of my feelings about humanities relationship (or lack there of) with the natural world.

Where is the boundary of this human separation

At what point does the fence crumble and turn to dust in the tall grasses

I can sometimes feel it’s limits in the wide expanse of inner silence

But every time I open my eyes it still seems to stretch to the furthest horizon

The soil and the many roots sing in unison of understanding

The branch and the spiders web seem to have been birthed from the same womb

The pond and the evening sky need nothing more than a wink to share the mystery

But for us, something seems to have been lost in the evolutionary translation

Has the rest of the natural world stopped speaking in range of our limited hearing

Or have we simply forgotten how to listen to their subtle conversations

I long for those forgotten times when we looked at the earth as our mother

I yearn for the sacred bond that we once maintained with the community of the living

At what point did the requirement for entry become a skin tone and an erect spine

At what point did the spoken word become a banner for domination

Who are we really, and what does this mean to those who are not

What are we searching for that can’t be found within the morning drizzle

I ponder these questions as I search for guidance in the holy books and chanted sutras

But it seems it’s the falling rain which contains the only wisdom I can’t possess

#poetry #nature #creativity #creativewriting #awakening

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