The Quality of Our Steps (a poem)

I wrote this poem a number of years back as a way of describing my most treasured form of meditation, therapy, and creative stimulation...walking. Every since I was a little kid I have been drawn to aimless wandering and meandering adventures. Whether it was a stroll through the woods with my Dad or a cross-country hitchhiking spree, the feeling of having my feet in the dirt and my eyes to the heavens was always so comforting. Even today, whenever I have a stressful moment or a life decision that needs to be considered, my first move is to strap on a pair of boots and head outdoors. Walking has brought me alot of joy and clarity (as well as songs) over the years and this poem is just my way of expressing that.

I have been walking as a practice for most of my life Conscious or unconscious my steps have been teaching Long before my introduction to the ways of meditation Long before the Tao was a part of my vocabulary Long before I observed the Dharma unfolding in a rose bud

I walked

I walked as a child, lacking purpose or definition I walked in defiance, full of questions and desire I walked as a traveller, longing to taste and to be tasted I walk as a father, shouldering the weight of love unconditioned

My foot-prints weave a pattern that can be traced back to my breath We all need a method to learn the rhythm of our dance

All I can say is that I'm learning

I’m learning to open like canyon walls and whistle with the breeze I'm learning to identify the drifting clouds and address them by their proper names I'm learning to kneel by the edge of the river and wave goodbye to the passing current I'm learning to let go like the twilight and blend my darkness with luminosity

Such is the way of the mindful wanderer

The destination is second to the quality of our steps

#poetry #walking #meditation #dharma #tao #mindfulness #mindfullawareness #learning #personalgrowth

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