Searching for the light behind the eyes

Have you ever heard anyone talk about the light that exists behind the eyes? It is a common enough expression that gets tossed around in all kinds of circles but have you ever actually experienced that shimmering, illuminated aspect of the self? Have you ever taken the time to release all of your tension and to reconnect with that energetic source?

It is not an easy thing to talk about due to the flighty and “woo woo” box that it has been placed in thanks to Hollywood and new age spirituality, but I really do believe there is a sort of energy that dwells within our gaze. It is the same as the natural twinkle that exists in the child at play or the expecting mother. It is the roaring inferno that leaps out of the artist as she begins a new project. It is the smoldering coal that provides the yogi with enough energy to practice their strenuous Sadhana. This light that we speak of is none other than our own life force-the energy that animates the physical world. Every one of us possesses it and is sustained by that vitality but so few of us are aware of our ability to tap into it consciously. We consume the energy as a matter of course and take only as much as is needed to sustain ourselves, but there is actually a different kind of relationship that can exist there; one that is intentional and reciprocal.

To modify this relationship is not all that complicated but it requires a level of surrender that many of us are simply out of touch with. Going inward and communicating with that which illuminates requires many skills that our fast-paced world has systematically pruned out of us through over-stimulation and anxiety. This, of course, doesn’t mean that we are incapable, just that we need to practice.

The skills required include the ability to turn our gaze inward in order to replenish that energy, the ability to slow our thoughts and physical reactions so that we can spot that inner observer and also the ability to let go of our fears and tensions so that this light we are speaking of can flow, uninhibited through the body. Judgment about where we are in the process or doubt in our abilities will not help us here. The only thing we can do is to set a strong intention and to start looking. Everyone who seeks will eventually find it. Just ask our old pal Jesus, who said, “If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” Matthew 6:22.

Many people believe Jesus was talking about the third eye here. They believe he was saying that by turning the gaze (from our two physical eyes) inward, we can activate the third eye-the spiritual eye-the eye of creativity and inspiration. If you think about this whole subject from this stand-point, it is easy to see the benefit of searching for the light behind the eyes. By consciously connecting with this internal energy we are aligning ourselves with the path of inspiration and nourishing the source of from which it springs forth.

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