Honoring the Changes

Rain is falling steadily outside my window and with it comes some familiar feelings. They are the feelings of introspection and inquiry and silent reflection. They come to me every year-an accompaniment of the dwindling sun. The nights are getting longer and warmth is in short supply and my mind seems to be synced up with the transition.

I don’t feel bad about this inevitable phase, just like I don’t feel bad about the cycle of the seasons. I simply notice it and try to adjust my life accordingly. The spring and summer are times of output and release and frivolous spending. Now is the time to take stock of my feelings and to begin the process of inner rejuvenation.

This rain and this darkness are like mantras of mindfulness. This chill and this quiet are like the messengers of rest. I hear their call and I recognize their voices. Now is the the time to let go. Now is the time to release.

I am trying to see all aspects of my life this way. I am attempting to observe the innevitability of change in the same way I watch the summer bleed through the autumn leaves. It might not be my wish to start piling on layers and scraping the windshield of my car, but that is just a part of the process.

The question is, how do I respond to what is happening? What can I do to grow from the way things are? Can I experience it for what it is, or will I waste all of my energy on wishes and longing?

I bring this up because it also has deep connections creativity. It can be so easy to let the cold and dark of winter seep into the bones of our creativite practices as well as our physical being. The atmosphere can seem so stagnant and closterphobic this time of year and our expression can often suffer as much as our moods...I know this from personal experience and it can be really hard to deal with. It takes alot of effort and a strong commitment to presence to get through these moments but it ultimately just comes down to our willingness to be with the way things are. If we are tired or bored or horribly uninspired, the first step to dealing with this is to acknowledge it and to honor it as a part of the process. We dont have to like it or allow it to consume us, but I believe if we see these times as we see the cycle of the seasons, we are then able to observe things through a wider lens and can take small steps toward acclimating to the moment. And from there, it's just a matter of showing up. Whatever comes, comes. Whatever doesn't, doesn't. The rest is just mind stuff.

#presence #beherenow #creativity #inspiration #change #mindfulness

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