Chasing the Mystery

I have been chasing the mystery for as long as I can remember. Every since I was a little kid and first found out that there were things which even my parents didn’t know or understand, I was in pursuit. Not because I wanted to find the answers or because I hoped to gain some special knowledge, but because the feeling of not knowing seemed to ignite a flame in me which burned much brighter than the one that came from certainty. It’s difficult to describe this without sounding trite, but the presence of empty space often provided me with the fuel to imagine. To contemplate a subject that has no definite shape, gives rise to as many possibilities as one is willing to entertain. For some, this might produce anxiety and sometimes even fear but somehow it’s always made me feel excited and personally empowered.

I think this is why I have also been so drawn to the arts. Creativity equips us with a kind of vocabulary that allows us to communicate with this empty space. The languages of metaphor and symbolism, color and sound, light and shadows all possess the special ability to hold a conversation beyond words.

By opening up to the mystery and allowing its spaciousness to cradle us like a fetus in the womb, we suddenly find ourselves nourished instead of frightened by its presence. Those massive gaps in our understanding, which at one time would have been filled with shame and intimidation, are now filled with a sense of wonder and sincere appreciation. Art is one of the few keys which allows us to enter the room with the unknown. It isn’t necessarily going to give us any answers or provide us with our hearts content, but having the opportunity to be in its presence can be a powerful experience. I recommend that you try it!

#mystery #creativity #imagination #contemplation #empowerment #art #music #emptiness

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