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The idea behind creative awakening is actually very simple. It is basically just a program that aims to teach people how to practice their craft as a form of celebration. A celebration of what, you ask? A celebration of the fact that we are the magnificent kaleidoscope of experience through which the universe is observing itself. Each and every one of us is a unique lens that the totality of creation is using to appreciate its brilliance. I truly believe that this is what we are doing here and that this is why we make art. We are using creativity to translate the ineffable language of wonder that is embedded within the human experience.

In light of this understanding, I think it is more than reasonable to assume that we as artists have gotten off track a bit and that we might be in need of some direction. If we really are the whole cosmic ocean contained within individual drops, then why are we such insecure, self-conscious beings? Why is it that we have to work so hard to find inspiration? What can we do to honor the sacred act of creation?

The goal of Creative Awakening is to teach you how to apply techniques such as mindful awareness, meditation and heart-felt rituals to your practice so that the mining of inspiration can be transformed into a meaningful process.

I want to teach you how to shift your focus away from self-fulfilling desires and direct it toward the domain of inquiry. I want to teach you to ask questions and to turn toward your inner silence for guidance and clarity. I want to help you remember why it is you decided to express yourself in the first place. And if you have never taken the time to explore your creative side but long to do so, I want to provide you with the inspirational road map that will guide you along the way.

I want to provide you with these things, not because I learned them from a book or because I was given permission from some external entity. I want to teach you these things because I have applied them to my own practice and have seen the results. Everything I have to share with you has come from my own inner struggles and my own need to overcome them. All the techniques that I use to honor and enhance the creative process have developed out of personal experience.

From the darkest, most uninspired times of my life came the strongest drive to rediscover who I really am. It was when I was at my weakest point, creatively and otherwise that I decided to explore these avenues of self-inquiry and to approach them as I approach my art. I knew that I needed to find a form of discipline that would not only allow me to look within but would also help me express what It was I was discovering.

It took several years of practice and application to get to where I am now and even though I am in no way perfect, I truly believe I am on a path of liberation.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to try it for yourself, please feel free to contact me for one on one or group coaching.

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